Stellar is 2D arcade space combat game I made for my Final Year project at university. The main focuses of the project were procedural generation, ship customisation, the contract system and the menu system

The project came 2nd place in the Games Technical Design category of GradEx 2019 at Staffordshire University.


The sprites I've used are made up of art by Kenney, with some modifications and adjustments. 


Engine: Unreal Engine 4

The last addition I made to the project, was to add a capital ship enemy. It's a much larger ship that features 2 turrets - a homing missile launcher and flak-cannon-eqsue weapon. These both attack the player when in range, but can be targeted and destroyed. 

To destroy the entire ship, the 4 engines must be destroyed, causing a chain reaction of explosions. 

Other than that, the main additions were to add ship speed upgrades; a bounty contract for the capital ships and a couple changes to make identifying and locating bounty targets easier (arrow HUD element and different color for the enemy indiicator on the minimap

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