Protocol D101 is a sci-fi twin stick shooter I helped to produce as part of my final collbaorative project at University. 

The game is set in a scientific facility researching enrgy-based aliens; which have escaped. You control a security robot deployed to contain the outbreak by eliminating the escaped aliens.

Light and contrast is used a lot to direct the player's attention and guide the player around the level. 

The player must surivive for as long as possible, and has a variety of weapons at their disposal including weapons grenades and powerups.

During the project I worked as both a senior technical designer and project lead. 

For the first month or so of the main development period, I devoted most of my time to the production aspects of development, including setting up and maintaining our source control solution; setting up sprints and tasks on Jira and troubleshooting source control issues.

In the final few weeks, once a lot of the teething problems with source control had been resolved, I spent my time on some of the particles effects and the tutorial.

From left to right, these were the particles effect I worked on: Enemy spit attack; grenade trail; pistol muzzle flash and bullet tracer; railgun muzzle flash and beam; rifle muzzle flash and bullet tracer and floating damage number.

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