Overjunked is a game I made during Jamfuser 2019, along with a team of 5 others.

I was one of 2 techincal designers and worked on the character movement & animation; input combos and processing machines. I also did some of the simple machine animations and 2d art.

The theme was 'Junk', so we decided to essentially make 'Overcooked with physics, in a recycling plant.

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Engine: Unreal Engine 4

The goal of the game is to grab junk that istravelling along the conveyor and take them to the machines to be processed. At the same time you must keep the machines turned on by inputting a combination of directional inputs, specific to that machine.

You start the game with just one type of junk, so only one machine to keep powered; but over time 3 new junk types start to appear on the conveyor, meaning more machines now have to be managed.

As well as all that, you also have to take the processed blocks to the loading bays to be shipped off. The more items you ship off, the more time gets added to the clock. The colour of the trucks matches the colour of their desired resource, but the trucks are constantly driving off and being replaced with new ones, asking for a new resource, so must always keep an eye on  them.

If thats too hectic for you, you can play with up to 3 friends, to co-ordinate and delegate your actions, to keep the operations running smoothly.

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