Geoconomy - Board Game


This is a board game I have created for my Gameplay Applications module at Staffordshire Uni. The theme we were given was Science, so I decided to make a game based loosely around geology.


For the prototype, I designed all the playing pieces using CAD, and 3D printed them. The artwork was taken mainly from a collection of art previously from a game called Glitch, all of which is now on the public domain, I modified some of the images and used them for all of the cards within the game.


Geconomy is a game about purchasing pieces of land, extracting resources and selling those resources to make as much money as possilbe,


The game includes a market event mechanic, which affects the market value of each resource type every round. As well as this, there are upgrade cards which can affect how many resources can be collected, as well as the value they can be sold at.


With all the mechanics combined, there is a certain amount of strategy required to optimise resource collection of sale value.


Link to Game Rules document




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