Feather Away From Home

Feather Away From Home is a game I made during Global Games Jam 2019, along with a team of 7 other. I was responsible for the flying mechanics and pickups. I also had a go at implmenting animations and state machines for the first time.


The theme was 'What home means to you', so we went a bit abstract and went with a game where you play as a bird flying around norse ruins, collecting resources to build a nest.


Download link: https://globalgamejam.org/2019/games/feather-away-home


Engine: Unreal Engine 4


We also entered the game into SideFX's 'Made with Houdini' contest which they were running alongside Global Games Jam, and it came in 1st Place - the full details of which can be found here

Our technical artist used Houdini to generate the terrain; create a rigid body simulation of a rockslide, and generate a mesh to spawn particles on for the volumetric clouds.

Some of the comments from the judges were “Beautiful game, well done!” and “Great flying mechanic!”

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