Stellar is a game I am making for my Final Year Project. It is a 2d space comabt game, and will feature full ship customisation, procedural world generation and a contract system.


The sprites I've used are made up of art by Kenney, with some modifications and adjustments. 


Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Just a handful of the possible ships. In total there are 48 possible combinations, not taking into account the colour and weapon choices.

I've also decided to focus on the menu that is deisplayed upon entering the space stations. From this menu the player can buy new parts and weapons for their ship; view and accept new contracts; see their ship's stats and appearance, and see the information about the current sector they are in.

The last few things to do are implement the colour changing within the hangar section and display current contract info in the sector outline. 

The HUD currently includes a minimap, weapon info and credit ammount. The minimap shows the player's location, any enemy locations and the spacestation icon if theres one in the sector.

The minimap shows the entire current sector and as soon as the player enters a new one, the minimap will switch display that one. 

The weapon info shows infomation about the currently active weapon including an image, name, damage and fire speed.

My next plans for the HUD are to add a contract info section, ship info (health etc,) and an indicator to show if you are targeting an enemy that is within range but off screen.


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